How to Hide Facebook Friend List from Others Step By Step Guide Hide Your Facebook Friends List

How i Can Hide My Facebook Friends List?


Facebook is a largest social media on internet. There is a huge fan base of this social network people today can’t sleep without using Facebook. Sometimes you added VIP friends which are very personal for you and you don’t want to show to others or Public. At that time you’re looking for how you can hide and prevent others to see your friend list. Today i have a simple step by step guide for you to hide your Facebook friend list here we go.

How To Hide Friends List On New Facebook From Everyone


1st Step :  Just open Facebook Desktop Version on your Computer or Laptop and open your profile.

how can i hide my friends list on facebook from public
Open Up Your Profile Click on Your Friends Tab


2nd Step : Now scroll down until you see Friends tab at left side right after Photos section. After reaching to the Friends section you can see a little down arrow shaped button just click on this button.


hide friends on facebook steps
Here you can See a Arrow Shaped Button


3rd Step : When you will click this button there will be a drop down single menu name “Edit Privacy” click on Edit Privacy Menu.


how do i hide my friends list on facebook
Click on Edit Privacy Link Option


4th Step : After that click you will see a pop up box will appear on your screen same like below screenshot. When you can see this pop up menu look for Public Button with a Globe right next to Friend List and Click on it.


hide facebook friends from each other
Click on Public Button for Selecting Options


5th Step : When you will click Public Button you can see there are 4 options with Public, Friends, Only Me and custom. Now if you want to show your friends list only to your friends click on Friends and if you don’t want to show anyone else except yourself you can do it by clicking on Only Me.


facebook friends hide method
Just Click on Only Me Option From Drop Down


Final Step : In my case i have selected Only Me option so no one can see your friends list not public neither your friends there is one thing to make sure your settings are saved you should notice when you select any options from the drop down menu there will be a Tick mark after choosing any option so when this sign appeared it’s means your settings have been successfully changed.


hide facebook friends list
Click on Only Me Option Settings are Saved


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